Long Burning Fire Logs

Keane Firewood produce air dried high quality Fire Logs that are manufactured in Ireland. Our air dried firewood has a low moisture content of below 25%. Suitable for all burning stoves and 100% natural from sustainable Irish woodlands. Our delivery is available throughout Ireland.

Our firewood undergoes an air drying process to guarantee every bag contains only the highest quality firewood.

Keane Firewood

Lasting Burn

Our fire logs are of the highest quality in long burning firewood. It retains more energy due to its treating process for a lasting burning firewood. Heating you and yours warm on cold nights.


Keane’s kindling endures a lengthy seasoning process that guarantees the highest standards are met. This process ensures that the kindling moisture content is always below 25%, producing a quality burning.

Delivery Nationwide

Keane’s firewood can be delivered throughout Ireland within 48 hours of contacting us. If you would like to get in touch with us, our contact information is available at the top of the website pages. Alternatively, please visit our contact page and fill out our form.